The Dhow Sunset

I love watching sunsets over a watery horizon, especially if the sky is a little cloudy.

The movement of the clouds creates a different scene every few seconds, I enjoy the challenge of painting these colorful skies.

It’s very satisfying to capture that elusive moment. I am also fascinated to draw and paint the Arabian Gulf fishing dhows - the Banouche. The design has not changed since I was a small boy and the some boats were leaving the harbor filled with the pearl divers. Every time I look at a dhow I hear the shouts and songs of the pearl divers as they returned home after the long 2 months away at the pearl fishing grounds. Huge bonfires were built on the beach and lit at sunset to welcome the boats as they came home. Imagine them blazing all along the shore. Quite a sight to see. Then came oil and progress and the demise of the Pearl Industry. It was a hard, brutal life as a pearl diver, but what a legacy they left us with their amazing boats and songs and stories.

  • ● Oil paint on Canvas
  • ● Painted 2014
  • ● 63cm X 88cm